Immersive Invisibility Effect

Successful technology learns and adapts to users so naturally, the technology becomes invisible to them.

This law explains that the way we interact with technology needs to be based on people’s core inclinations and behaviors. Where once our users would need to learn and adapt to our products and solutions, we are now able to immerse our technology into our users’ lives in a way that it can learn and adapt to them.

Key Takeaway

Technology must be developed to learn from our users and immerse itself in our users’ lives.


The Immersive Invisibility Effect, also known as Bianchi’s Law, was coined by Michael Bianchi, a Design Thinking Executive at Hexaware Technologies. Through understanding human behavior, technology must learn to communicate through natural tendency and dialect. Ethnography around our users helps deepen this knowledge and understanding. Mr. Bianchi is the creator of “Experience First DesignTM,” an approach and framework, bringing together Design Thinking, Systems Thinking, User-Centered Design, and Lean UX, to discover and reimagine all facets of your product or solution and has invented other design methodologies, such as Simplicity UXTM and Helpless UXTM.

Immersion through Sight

Immersion through Touch

Immersion through Voice

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