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Michael Bianchi

Branding & Guidelines

Color Palette

The Michael Bianchi Worldwide color palette is a key brand element that conveys the visual tone and consistency to enhance its strength. The primary colors are Plush Purple and Jaded Orange. Secondary colors are Material Black, Slate Gray, and Ghost White. They should be implemented solely as support colors.

Color swatches on this page may appear to vary when viewed on different computer monitors, and color printouts from this page will not be true to the real color. For accurate matching, refer to the current edition of the Pantone formula guides and the provided CMYK, RGB, and HTML identifiers.

The choice of format depends on usage. Generally, PMS and CMYK colors are for printed materials. PMS colors are spot colors. CMYK is for four-color printing in which all colors are blended from a mix of cyan, magenta, yellow, and black (K). HTML and RGB colors are for on-screen viewing.

Plush Purple

CMYK47 | 48 | 0 | 0
RGB135 | 133 | 255

Jaded Orange

CMYK0 | 24 | 56 | 4
RGB244 | 182 | 100

Material Black

CMYK47 | 18 | 0 | 65
RGB47 | 72 | 88

Slate Gray

CMYK8 || 0 | 0
RGB234 | 236 | 255

Ghost White

CMYK2 || 0 | 0
RGB249 | 249 | 255


One of the most critical decisions when creating a brand identity and design system is the choice of type. Using a consistent family of typefaces reinforces the brand’s identity until viewers can see the type and, without having read it, know that the communication is from Michael Bianchi Worldwide.

Oswald Bold is a sans-serif typeface based on the classic gothic and grotesque styles of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries; 

it is recommended for headlines and subheads. Muli Regular is a modern slab sans-serif that is best suited for body copy. The application or content of the message should determine the weight and size of the typeface.

Esteban Regular, a serif typeface, intended to become employed in texts, specifically literature and poetry, to complement Muli as a supportive typeface. 

For more information on these font families, including licensing for online usage, please visit Google Fonts and Adobe Fonts at:


Oswald Bold


Esteban Regular


Muli Regular