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Understand your users, their needs, their pain points, and how you can solve them.

One of America’s top digital, customer, and user experience consultants.

Michael Bianchi has over 16 years’ experience across 10+ industries in digital and technology, with a primary focus on improving usability and experiences across services and solutions. He has worked with and advised more than 300 companies worldwide, including Lexus, Delta, Paramount Pictures, Diageo, Thomson Reuters, Hilton, EY, Walgreens, and IKEA.

Michael works with leading brands worldwide to help them create better digital experiences while solving their challenges, satisfying their user base, and scaling their business.

Looking closely at the friction points across your digital experiences, we start to uncover your challenges, gaps, and missed opportunities. Partnering with you through Co-Innovation and Co-Creation, while leveraging Experience First Design to build a “blueprint” and project plan that will bring that vision to life. Combining strategy, creativity, and technology to deliver immersive and interactive experiences.

Approaching every engagement with a mindset of how strategy, creativity, and technology can create an emotional, visual, vocal, tactile, actionable, and memorable experience.

Working with some of the greatest companies around the world!

Johnson & Johnson
paramount pictures
advanced auto parts

Digital Strategy

Uncovering points of friction and discovering ways to turn your challenges into opportunities for success. We will work together to uncover and assess your digital landscape through an Experience First workshop, map your opportunities, and develop a blueprint towards your transformation.

What to Expect
  • Friction Points & Challenges
  • Critical Path & Journeys
  • Opportunities for Success
  • Playbook & Guide
michael bianchi strategy
michael bianchi customer experience strategy

Customer Experience

Working with you to learn and understand what your customers want, need, and desire. Evaluating your experiences against your competitors to determine areas of improvement and enhancement. Through Co-Innovation and Co-Creation, we will find opportunities to add and expand your customer experience and brand intimacy.

What to Expect
  • Deep Landscape Research
  • Qualitative & Quantitative Analysis
  • CX Strategy Summary
  • CX Operational Playbook

Experience Design

Leveraging Experience First Design and workshopping, we start to understand the challenges behind your product and solution. We continue to ask “why” and build our problem statements that we can answer. We define human needs and brainstorm what challenges your product can solve for your customers while prototyping concepts and validating them with our users.

What to Expect
  • Qualitative Research & Analysis
  • Ideation, Concepting & Product Strategy
  • Prototyping & Validation
  • Agile Design
michael bianchi experience first
Michael Bianchi design sprint

Design Sprints

A Design Sprint is a five-day process for rapidly solving BIG problems, creating new products and services, or improving existing ones. Think of it as an intense, one-week-long hackathon. Defining challenges, scope, producing prototypes, and testing them with real users, in a matter of days versus weeks or even months.

What to Expect
  • Challenges & Problem Statements
  • Ideation, Concepting & Storyboards
  • Interactive Prototype(s)
  • Real User Validation & Testing 

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