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Strategy, Experience & Design Leader, Digital Advisor, Public Speaker & Story Teller

One of the world’s most inspirational digital experience corporate speakers, coaches, and trainers. A digital transformation pioneer. Lifelong tech entrepreneur. And the co-founder and advisor of five million dollar start-ups.

  • Experience First Design™
  • Cognitive AI™
  • Divergent Sales™
  • The Digital Enterprise™
  • Lead by Design™
  • Bianchi’s Law
  • Fanzcall Media
  • TypeSix
  • SmavelIt
  • OverservHost
  • Zoozil Media

It’s NOT what you like best, that works, It’s what WORKS best for your customers!

What began as an art project in 7th-grade quickly grew into a passion for not only drawing and graphic design but also a mastery of technology and how to develop usable experiences. Through years of research and study, Michael has expertise in cognitive behavior and psychological theory, applying these methods and techniques in everything he does.

Known as the Leading Authority in Design and Digital, Customer, and User Experience, Michael helps organizations discover their customers’ wants, needs, and desires. Expertly guiding his audience through their complexities and challenges, allowing them to turn those challenges into opportunities to solve.

As a design leader, innovator, and digital advisor, Michael has transformed how corporations like Salesforce, Ernst & Young, Toyota, Dufry, and the TSA create memorable and lasting digital experiences.

For a decade, he has been a perpetual student and entrepreneur who is well versed in leadership, coaching, business growth and scalability, P&L management, sales, training, and helping teams create, nurture, and grow multi-million-dollar accounts. Michael uses that experience to develop meaningful relationships and business strategies based on value, trust, service, support, and consistent follow-through.

Based in the beautiful city of Naples, FL, where we are grateful to have many outdoor options for inspiration.

Living in one of the most desirable coastal cities in America, there are a ton of things to do to relax, have fun, and draw inspiration from. In my off time, we enjoy taking morning walks on the beach and visiting the beachside cafes. When I am able, I love hitting the links at one of the many great golf courses we have in town. I am an exotic car enthusiast, where I “hack” and invest while educating people on the topic through IG, @realitysupercars.

Interesting Facts
  • I was born blind in my left eye… Whaaaaat!… Yes, it’s true.
  • I consider myself the modern “Nerd” 🙂 and collect memorabilia (often having it hand made) from movies, comics, and video games.
  • I am a huge horror movie buff.
  • I like Tabasco sauce on my popcorn; You should try it sometime!
  • I enjoy snowboarding, but haven’t been in quite a while 🙁
  • I am in the process of authoring two books: The Digital Enterprise™ and Lead by Design™.

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