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Public Speaking

What if your employees were as adept at contributing to your experience as they were at sending emails?

Ask yourself…

Are you having issues with customer loyalty? Are your customers satisfied and engaged? Is your team in a slump and out of alignment? Maybe it's time to focus on your experience!


Michael Bianchi is an experience and sales expert preparing companies and individual contributors to create distinction and achieve iconic performance.

Virtual Experience

Offering a customized experience to maximize your next virtual meeting. Michael blends compelling stories with strategic insights into every virtual event.

Stalled on a project? Product not getting adoption? Change initiative not really engaging people?

A poor experience can spell death for even the most significant ideas. An optimal redefined digital experience allows you to embed your product or service into your customer’s life or work so that it fits seamlessly into their day-to-day activities.

Good UX Designers are becoming more challenging to hire and keep. And, a business-savvy UX Designer is pretty much a purple unicorn. So, developing your staff and investing in their growth is essential to getting the skills you need and keeping the team you have.

How can everyone be a part of the experience? Design Thinking…
Some of the most successful companies, like Google, Apple, IBM, and others, continue to innovate through design-thinking, which pulls together emotion and design through to execution and delivery.

The Experience First Enterprise

Using my 6-step methodology, you’ll learn the fundamentals of innovative design and how to seamlessly integrate it into your Agile or Waterfall development process.

Who should attend
  • UX, Development, Product Management
Key Takeyaways
  • How to apply Experience First Design™ (Design Thinking, Systems Thinking, User Centered Design, and Lean UX).
  • Learn the difference between incremental innovation and radical innovation.
  • Using rapid prototyping to refine a product, app or website.
Michael Bianchi public speaking
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Manifesting Business Strategy Through Digital Experience and Design

Companies are working on new strategies in disruptive markets, start-up pivots, new business models… but new ideas can’t succeed if the user experience doesn’t change with them. If a company “feels” like the same old company, customers and employees won’t believe or support the change.

Who should attend
  • CXOs, Marketing, Sales, Service, R&D, Product Managers, Training, HR
Key Takeyaways
  • How to use design thinking in business strategy sessions.
  • What critical changes to make in user experience to communicate a new direction.
  • Defining your user experience for new business models.

From Brands to Interfaces

Traditional branding exercises fail to provide usable governance and outputs for the digital user experience. This helps people responsible for brand, manifest the brand through digital channels, digital content, and digital interfaces (from the website to wearables).

Who should attend
  • CMO, Brand Managers, Marketing Managers, Product Managers, Agencies
Key Takeyaways
  • The Digital Brand: rethinking brand through UX.
  • Critical brand outputs for user experience design.
  • Governing brand through to the user experience.
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Linking CX and UX Design

Learn how to design a product or service that keep your users coming back and learn a new way to think about components to change user behavior and interaction.

Who should attend
  • CX Head, Marketing, Sales, Service, Related UX/Dev teams
Key Takeyaways
  • Identify areas to grow and evolve customer journeys through User Experience.
  • How to map your CX journey to UX design.
  • How to integrate digital and non-digital experiences



  • Your event must have a Code of Conduct.
  • I require a copy of recorded events.
  • Events target audience needs to be specified.
  • Permission to self-promote is required.
  • 1-on-1 consultations need advanced notice and written approval.


  • If preparation has a deadline, you must specify.
  • My content will be up-to-date with current standards and best practices, to the best of my knowledge.
  • I will design my slides myself on my own template.
  • I must know in advance if there will be live code or design demos.
  • After the event, I will publish my material.


  • I require a speaker honorarium unless otherwise agreed in writing.
  • Priority is given to events that cover travel and accommodations.
  • Arrival 1 day prior, depart 1 day after your event is required unless otherwise agreed in writing.
  • Access to your entire events duration is required unless otherwise agreed in writing.

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